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So, what’s so special about Three Henrys?

We’re not special, but we are different from your average grape. At our essence, Three Henrys creates and imports delicious daily drinking wines for consumers and distributors at a very attractive price. 


It’s what happens when a couple of obsessed wine enthusiasts team up with a French family who happens to grow exceptional grapes that become beautiful wine.


That’s it.

What’s something that Three Henrys

knows that I don’t?

Get this, gentle wine drinker: the entire wine industry has misled you. 
Fantastic wines don’t have to cost a fortune. 


Three Henrys is here to prove it to you.

Our wine is priced at less than $20 a bottle in grocery and wine stores. 

And you can get it by the glass at your favorite local restaurant or wine bar. 


Why is the wine called Three Henrys?

Once upon a time there were three French guys named Henry, each of whom thought he should be the king of France and — you know what? Let’s save the history lesson for some other time. Naming a wine is sometimes as challenging as making a wine. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 8.32.52 PM.png
Map of France copy.jpg

Where is Three Henrys wine made?


Can you be a bit more specific?



Three Henrys is made in the south of France in a region called the Languedoc. 
French winemakers have been growing grapes and honing their wine craft in this

region since before the Roman Empire. Rumor has it, Julius Caesar took one sip
of the Languedoc wine and told his boys to go forth and conquer.  

That’s not to say that we’re an old wine; we’re not. 
But we wanted to make a delicious wine, so we thought it’d be a good idea to

start where delicious wines have been made for centuries — not to mention where

the actual word ‘delicious’ was invented.*

* The word ’delicious’ comes from a Latin derivation of an Old French word, meaning ‘pleasure’. 


Olivier and Nicolas Mandeville

father-and-son master French wine makers


In addition to his impeccable taste in wine, Olivier also has an enduring love for classic cars. Pinot & Peugeot, anyone? 



An above-average amateur beekeeper, Nicolas is the father of two little girls. 
He’s also excessively handsome. 

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