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We believe that lives are vastly improved by breaking bread with one another in both good times and in bad. Just four days after Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, Chef José Andres arrived to help the only way he knew how: by cooking. Starting one plate at a time in a damaged San Juan kitchen, he and his team eventually ramped up to serving an astonishing 100,000 meals a day across 12 tattered locations. 

World Central Kitchen was born out of love, and we love and appreciate everything they do. They are our heroes. Last year alone the team quickly mobilized to the front lines of 13 disaster zones to prepare hot, freshly made meals to survivors here in the States and to troubled areas around the globe.



PUERTO RICO - 3.7 million meals after Hurricane Maria


GUATEMALA - 500,000 meals after the Fuego Volcano eruption


NORTH CAROLINA - 300,000 meals after Hurricane Florence


INDONESIA - 550,000 meals after the earthquake and tsunamis


CALIFORNIA - 400,000 meals after multiple wildfires


TIJUANA - 250,000 meals to refugees from Central America


WAHINGTON, DC - 100,000 meals for Federal employees during the government shutdown


COLUMBIA - 570,000 and counting meals for Venezuelan refugees


HAITI - Over 13,000 meals to those affected by recent unrest


NEBRASKA and SOUTH DAKOTA - 22,000 meals after severe flooding


MOZAMBIQUE - More than 350,000 meals after Cyclone Idai

We will do everything we can to support World Central Kitchen and hope you will too by raising a glass and making a contribution here.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming Three henryS events benefiting WCK so they can continue to provide comfort and hot meals to those who need it most by signing up to our mailing list below.